Сoronavirus self-diagnostic tests are available in Spain

The Spanish were able to test themselves for coronavirus. From this week on, express tests are available, allowing you to use a single drop of blood to find out if a person is infected in just 15 minutes. So far, they can only be purchased online. The cost of one set is 89 euros.

As noted on the distributor’s website, the test detects IgG and IgM immunoglobulins. The presence of these antibodies indicates that the person was infected and the body began to fight or even successfully coped with the coronavirus. The number of antibodies is different at different stages of the disease. If they are detected, they should be further investigated by specialists, although the attached instructions allow even the person to understand what is happening to him or her.

To perform the test, it is necessary to drop blood on the test strip and then add a special reagent. In 15 minutes the result will be ready. The express analysis will give one of eight possible results (a combination of three indicators, only all negative indicators indicate that the patient has no coronavirus).

As noted in a company that bought these tests in China, before they were released on the market in Spain, one of the hospitals conducted clinical trials, confirming their effectiveness.

The kit can only be purchased with a prescription from a doctor. However, it can be obtained electronically. After filling out the form, the doctor will check all the data, whether you are entitled to the prescription, and will give your permission. Parents can also order for their children and entrepreneurs for their employees. In the latter case, the responsible person must specify the exact number of tests that they need and each employee must fill out a special form.

If all conditions are met, the kit is delivered to the client’s home within 24 hours. It includes a test device, a needle, a reagent, a disinfectant napkin, and instructions for use. All this is packaged in an airtight package.

Already on the first day of sale, about 500 tests were purchased. For this reason, the distributor requested permission from the Ministry of Health to import additional batches of tests.

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