20,000 people agree to rename Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis after George Floyd

More than 17 thousand U.S. citizens agreed with the idea to name one of the streets of Minneapolis after George Floyd. It became known on Saturday, June 6.

In particular, there was a proposal to name Chicago Avenue. The initiative came from the brother of the deceased. He filed a petition to that effect. It’s posted on change.org.

Recall that George Floyd was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis on May 25. A man was arrested after paying fake dollars for a pack of cigarettes in a store. A law enforcement officer threw him on the tarmac at the time of his arrest, pressing his knee to the neck. Floyd said he couldn’t breathe, but the law enforcement officer wouldn’t listen. He died eight minutes later.

The tragedy caused protests in the city. The protesters burned down several police stations. The unrest swept across the United States, a racial riot escalated into looting – shop and restaurant robberies, car burns, and more. Over 10,000 people have been arrested in the United States.

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