African-American Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, demanded compensation for slavery

Billionaire and Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson demanded compensation for slavery suffered by black citizens in the United States. This was reported by CNBC.

African-American Billionaire believes that the U.S. government should pay $14 trillion to the black population as compensation for the damage caused during slavery. In his opinion, the payment will not result in losses for Washington, as it will mean that white Americans will recognize the damage caused. The money from the compensation would go to the development of “black business” and stimulate the economy, the billionaire said.

“More than 200 years of slavery have passed, and no compensation has been paid for it. Denying access to education, which is the main tool for wealth accumulation, is a transfer of wealth,” Johnson stressed. The billionaire noted that he does not want to create new bureaucratic programs that will not help anyone.

At the same time, another African-American businessman, Kenneth Fraser, CEO of Merck&Co Pharmaceutical Company, believes that such measures of the government will be too difficult to implement. He added that African-Americans can be helped by businessmen themselves.

Earlier, residents of Houston, came together to pray for the family of black man George Floyd, who died after being severely detained. White Americans present kneeled and apologized for years of racism.

Massive riots began in American cities after the death of blackguard George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who died after being brutally arrested. Speeches against police brutality took place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, New York, Indianapolis, Boston, Detroit, among others.

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