Amazon and eBay launch Marketplace for looters

Major online trading platforms Amazon and eBay have announced the launch of a joint project – the marketplace. The new service is designed to sell products that have changed owners during protests in American cities.

“In the last week, a record number of almost 90,000 new sellers have registered on our website, offering luxury brands at extremely low prices,” said Harold Kumar, a member of the eBay board of directors. – “We usually block such users to prevent counterfeiting from spreading. But this time, security checks have shown that all lots are original and of good quality. And their low cost can only be explained by the fact that the sellers got them by looting in brand stores and warehouses”.

Marketplace representatives emphasized their solidarity with the BlackLivesMatter movement and protests taking place in the United States.

“We strongly condemn all expressions of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and transphobia, as well as all forms of police violence and abuse of authority against our black brothers,” said Ramon Mercader, Amazon Law Director. – “We are also convinced that looting during a just popular uprising cannot be considered theft or robbery, but only a procedure for the public redistribution of surplus property.

The creation of the new service is intended to finally eliminate social phobias with regard to the looting and strengthen its positive reputation among consumers.

“We looters do a lot for people,” says Sif Black, one of the first residents of the new service. – “Millions of ordinary Americans, whether they’re white or Asian, have worked hard all their lives, but because of exorbitant taxes, they can’t afford the latest Prada, Gucci, or at least Louis Vuitton handbags. Looters make branded items two to three times cheaper for everyone.

In the near future, Amazon and eBay intend to conduct a full-scale advertising campaign for the new marketplace. The slogan for it is “When the looting starts, the shopping starts!”.

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