American medics uncovered the cause of high mortality from coronavirus among men

The high mortality rate from coronavirus among men may be linked to gender stereotypes. This conclusion was reached by the medical authorities of Ohio State, reports MedicalXpress.

– Men are notorious for delaying a visit to a doctor,” Bill Miller, Professor of Epidemiology at Ohio State University Medical College, said.

He noted that men are more likely to suffer from diseases of the kidneys, heart, and lungs – these organs are the first to be hit by a coronavirus.

Dr. Joseph Gastaldo, a specialist at the non-profit OhioHealth Hospital, agreed with him that many men’s subconscious is stereotyped of the disease as a sign of weakness.

Another reason for the high mortality rate Joseph Gastaldo called the fact that many “male” professions do not allow quarantine – for example, work on construction sites or in emergency services.

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