Americans say goodbye to George Floyd as the national hero in Minneapolis

Thursday afternoon in, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Floyd’s funeral ceremony began. Americans said goodbye as a national hero. His body is in a gilded coffin. The farewell is broadcast live on leading TV channels such as CNN and BBC.

It should be noted that Floyd’s body will not be put to the ground immediately, only next week. After the ceremony in Minneapolis, the coffin with his body will go to Rayford, North Carolina, where he was born, for public farewell and private family service on Saturday, reports AR. The same public ceremony will follow on Monday in Houston, where he grew up and lived most of his life. Then on Tuesday, the Fountain of Praise Church will hold a service for 500 people, and only then will the killed be buried. Meanwhile, on social networks, some users have suggested that the next in the chain of such events after the funeral will be a reception by U.S. President Trump of the Floyd family in the White House.

Service in the church at North Central University in downtown Minneapolis on Thursday morning began with a scripture reading by Reverend Jerry Mackuffy of the local Baptist church. Family members and friends of George Floyd arrived at the church building and took seats for the memorial service. Minnesota Governor Tim Wals, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, Congressman Ilhan Omar, and renowned American politician Jessica Jackson bid farewell to Floyd. Meanwhile, a photo was distributed on the website of the British edition of The Guardian, where several white Republican congressmen kneeled in front of the church building. Local policemen also knelt down in front of a motorcade with a coffin of the deceased. The ceremony participants were told to socially distance themselves from each other to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

At the ceremony, George Floyd’s brother, Philonis Floyd, said the deceased’s family and American society “will achieve justice. Recall that earlier on CNN he expressed the opinion that the police officers who participated in the incident deserve the death penalty. The family’s lawyer, Benjamin Kramp, said the struggle for justice must continue “in and out of the courtroom. Earlier, it turned out that Floyd had a positive result for the coronavirus in April, but Kramp said that “this is not what killed him. “It was another pandemic that we know too well in America, this pandemic of racism and discrimination killed George Floyd,” the lawyer said.

In particular, this is evidenced by the fact that Floyd’s attorney urged Americans to continue protesting until “justice is done. At the same time, Crump, who clearly derives professional benefits from this high-profile case, as usual, limited himself to pathos statements. Also, commentators noted, he decided to take his own advantage of the memorial ceremony and the rector of North Central University, Scott Hagan, where the service was held. “Before I accept a brief prayer, I just want to announce that as president of this institution, I am announcing the creation of the George Floyd Fellowship,” Hagan said. He challenged all university rectors in the U.S. to create similar commemorative scholarships for George Floyd, the Air Force said. Spectators in the church stood up and applauded Hagan.

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