American analysts proved Russia investigation in USA elections

The Oxford University and analytics of the Graphika company made investigation by request of committee on investigation of the U.S. Senate. Confirmation of alleged Russia investigation in the election of the president of the USA at which in 2016 Donald Trump won . Watch CNN news live .
The report prepared for the senate became “the most volume analysis of a campaign for the misinformation launched by Russia”, The Washington Post with reference to the draft copy of the document reports. According to a research, the Russian campaign directed to Donald Trump’s victory used all major social and media platforms for placement of millions of messages on them, video records and photos. First of all it were Facebook, Twitter and Google.
Subject of the report became activity in Network of the Russian Agency of Internet researches and also Russian bots and fake pages. Having analysed their activity, experts came to a conclusion that strengthening of their activity coincided with key events of a presidential campaign in the USA, including with party congresses and with a debate of candidates for president.
“It is clear that all messages were directed to bringing benefit to Republican Party and in particular Donald Trump”, – it is specified in the report. Experts note that efforts of the Russian side became noticeable in 2014 and accrued every next year. “Messengers” from Moscow most often mentioned Trump in the campaigns aimed at conservatives and the right voters where the corresponding messages induced these groups to support his campaign. Messages with the purpose to confuse, distract and finally to dissuade from vote were addressed to the main groups which could throw down a challenge to Trump, analysts report.
Along with conservatives the main groups of influence experts called the Afro-Americans. Main subjects upon which “the Russian trolls” touched – concerned immigration and the right for weapon.
More than 99% of activity – likes, reposts, events – arrived from 20 pages on Facebook, in particular among them there were having names Being Patriotic, “Heart of Texas” (Heart of Texas), “Black activists” (Blacktivist) and “Jesus’s Army” (Army of Jesus).
20 most popular pages in general collected 39 million likes, carried out 31 million actions and published 3.4 million comments. According to conclusions of experts, the Russian campaign could affect opinion of 124 million people in Facebook and 20 million more in Instagram.
Researchers note that they for advertizing from accounts, directed to Trump’s support, paid off with rubles, and pages of “trolls” were tied to the Russian numbers. The IP addresses of administrators of pages conducted to St. Petersburg – there where the “factory of trolls” supervised by “the Putin cook” Yevgeny Prigozhin is located.
The report has to be officially published this week. Representatives of committee on investigation, Facebook and Twitter did not give comments on research conclusions yet.
Independent investigation of intervention of Russia in the election of the president of the USA will be made by the American Ministry of Justice, Robert Mueller acts as the special prosecutor. In the middle of February, 2018 he showed to 13 Russians and three companies of charge of conspiracy against the USA and fraud. Among defendants – Prigozhin and 12 employees of the Agency of Internet researches.
In April the security director of Facebook Alex Stamos explained that “the factory of trolls” “repeatedly used complex networks of false accounts for deception and manipulations with users of Facebook, including to, in time and after the presidential elections in the USA in 2016”. It was noted that 95% of pages which were managed by the Agency of Internet researches were kept in Russian and, respectively, were focused on Russian-speaking citizens in the different countries of the world.
At the same time at the end of April the Committee on investigation of the House of Representatives of the USA did not find proofs that the election campaign of Donald Trump took place by means of the Russian authorities. Such conclusion contained in the 240-page report on investigation results on intervention of Russia in presidential elections of 2016.
On December 3 Donald Trump criticized the special prosecutor Mueller processing case of the Russian investigation for the fact that that “does not look for the truth”.

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