Arms race to be. Ultimatum of the USA for Russia

Russia and the USA cannot solve a dispute over an occasion of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
The USA and her allies on NATO accuses Russia of breach of contract and gives as proofs videos from satellites with starts of the Russian rockets.
Moscow denies everything and says that it does not need to put ultimatums.
Foreign Ministers of NATO member states in Brussels discussed on December 4-5 violation by Russia of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) at a meeting.
NATO calls Russia for “the transparent and giving-in control” to observance of the Contract on liquidation of the INF Treaty. Otherwise the North Atlantic Alliance “will work resolutely and according to a situation”, the secretary general of alliance Jens Stoltenberg said.
After the meeting of the USA said that in 60 days the obligations under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty will suspend if Russia does not return to its performance.

“We resort to such step for several reasons: the Russian actions undermine national security of the USA, threaten millions of Europeans. Besides, the contract do not extend to such countries as China, North Korea and Iran which can freely develop any weapon”, – the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told.

“If Russia recognizes the violations and will return to its performance, we, of course, will welcome it. But only Russia can save this contract”, – the Secretary of State added.

He noted that Russia constantly denied development of a new rocket, even when the USA provided information on characteristics of a rocket and the schedule of tests.

“Despite all success which brought this contract today we have to resist to the Russian fraud with obligations for control over weapon. The Russian violations happened not yesterday. Russia tested a new rocket from the middle of the 2000th”, – he added.

NATO and, in particular the USA, accuses the Russian Federation that it for several years tested and developed the missile system SSC-8 which gets under operation of the INF Treaty.
The USA was shown to allies on NATO by a video from satellites on which test of the Russian cruise missile 9M729 was recorded. In the West are sure: the video confirms that Russia really broke the contract forbidding development and storage of rockets with a range from 500 to 5500 kilometers.
The Russian rockets 9M729 cause serious concerns to allies. Moscow denied many years and hid existence of rockets of this type – it admitted their existence only recently.
In response to the ultimatum of the USA the Russian authorities twisted that no violations of terms of the contract under the INF Treaty from Russia exist.
The Chairman of the State Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov said that Russia will not respond to “the charges brought by the USA”.

“Russia is not that country which can put ultimatums. The Russian Federation has also claims to the USA which they did not answer therefore we are not going for their imaginary charges to answer”, – he told.

Shamanov added that “Russia already repeatedly suggested the USA to sit down at the negotiating table what they do not do, so are afraid of something”.
The member of the committee of the Federation Council on defense and safety Franz Klinzewitsch added that rocket 9M729 to which make a claim to the USA and NATO “does not break the contract”.
And further – a new race of arms after the contract stops existence.
Long ago it is obvious that Russia does not consider the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty to the corresponding realities of today, the German  Welt writes. In 2007 Moscow threatened to withdraw from the contract. In 2016 the Kremlin toughened tone of threats in connection with placement of elements of the American missile defense in Poland and Romania even more.
Besides, Russia pays attention and that during an era of signing of the contract in the world there were actually only two nuclear powers. Today North Korea, China, Iran, Pakistan and Israel have medium-range missiles – and all these countries are not held down by any bilateral obligations.

“Therefore hardly the president Putin is ready to make NATO any convincing proposal. And then discussions about increase in number of the American medium-range missiles placed in the territory of Europe will erupt”, – writes the edition.

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