Assange does not agree to an extradition in the USA

The USA accuses the founder of WikiLeaks of conspiracy for the purpose of computer hacking of the Pentagon

The founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange on Thursday said in court that he does not agree to an extradition in the USA where he is accused of conspiracy for the purpose of breaking of computer systems of the Ministry of Defence.

Appearing on a videoconference from the British prison in the Westminster magistrate’s court in London, Assange told that he does not want to give up to U.S. authorities that it was subjected to prosecution “for journalism which was noted by numerous awards and helped to protect many people”.

The USA asked to extradite Assange to prosecute him on charges of conspiracy with the former analyst of U.S. Army Chelsea Manning for the purpose of computer hacking of the Pentagon in March, 2010.

Manning left several years in prison for providing classified documents of WikiLeaks, and in March got to prison again because of refusal to give evidences to the grand jury of jurors within investigation concerning this organization.

The lawyer Bin Brandon representing the interests of the USA on Thursday said that among the documents which are presumably downloaded from the secret computer there were tens of thousands of reports connected with the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, tens of thousands of telegrams of State Department and hundreds of documents on prisoners in prison in Guantanamo Bay.

In case of recognition of fault of Assange can sentence to imprisonment for up to five years. However he worries that of the USA can bring him charges of other, more serious crimes.

The British court sentenced Assange to 50 weeks of imprisonment for violation of conditions of release on the security: it within seven years took refuge in Embassy of Ecuador until in April he was turned out from there by police.

In 2012 Assange sought asylum in embassy to avoid an extradition to Sweden where against it charges in sexual violence which he rejects were brought.

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