Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has ordered to reform the police force standards

Authorities of Atlanta city, Georgia, decided to reform the rules of police use of force over the death of Rayshard Brooks, who was wounded in police custody and then died in hospital. This was reported by Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms on Monday, June 15.

According to her, there’s no more time to lose after Brooks died. The mayor described the signing of a series of executive orders, one of which ordered police to reduce tensions before using force to suppress protests that had erupted earlier in the city with renewed force.

In addition, police officers are required to stop their colleagues in the event of disproportionate use of force and to report the incident to their superiors, as well as to report all incidents to the City Council’s Civil Affairs Division.

Atlanta has formed a task force to address complaints against the police and develop effective mechanisms to prevent further incidents of abuse of authority. Bottomtoms emphasized that police should be defenders of the population and not “soldiers in the community,”.

On June 12, police tried to apprehend 27-year-old Reichard Brooks, who was in a car near a fast-food restaurant. The African-American began to resist, stole a stun gun from police, and allegedly tried to use it against law enforcement. One of the cops injured Brooks, who died in the hospital.

Brooks’ death sparked a second wave of protests in Atlanta. After that, Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields resigned.

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