Bars and cafes on the streets will be closed in Paris over the march against racism

Bars, restaurants, and cafes in Paris will be closed on the streets where the participants of the March against racism will take place, the European media reports.

It is expected that Saturday rally will be the most massive of all the rallies that have been held in the French capital in recent days. The march will take place in the streets between Republic Square in the east of Paris and the Opera House.

The police department has been ordered to clear the sidewalks of any objects that could be used by protesters to attack the police.

The march was organized in solidarity with and in memory of Adam Traoré, a black Frenchman who died in 2016 after being detained by the police. The circumstances of his death have not yet been clarified.

The march will take place despite the fact that in France it is still prohibited to gather people in groups of more than 10 people at a time because of the coronavirus pandemic in the world.

Protests are also planned in Lyon, Marseille and other major French cities.

The actions have been held in France and other European countries since late May, following the example of demonstrations against racism in the United States.

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