Biden comments on Trump-Zelensky conversation scandal

Donald Trump’s likely rival in the 2020 US presidential election  Joe Biden, said Trump had put his interests ahead of the state in a conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

He tweeted about it, posting his official release

He also called on the U.S. Congress to stick to the facts and take swift action.

“Monica Zelensky”

Last week, a scandal erupted over the phone conversation between Donald Trump and Vladimir Zelensky. According to sources, The Wall Street Journal reported that during this conversation the American leader “about eight times” stated that the Ukrainian president should be assisted by Trump’s lawyer Rudolph Giuliani, who advocates for ukraine’s investigation into former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden and his son.

Democrat Biden is now Trump’s most likely rival in next year’s U.S. election.

After the information about the alleged attempts of Trump to put pressure on the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in order to encourage Kiev to indirectly help the head of the Washington administration to be re-elected to a second term in 2020, the Speaker of the House Representative Of Democrat Nancy Pelosi announced the launch of a formal impeachment procedure.

The White House on Wednesday released a transcript of the July conversation between the two leaders. It turned out that Trump did not seek from the Green inquiry against Hunter Biden in exchange for financial and military assistance to Washington Kiev. The U.S. Department of Justice, which simultaneously serves as the Attorney General’s Office, found no violations of national law, nor grounds for further investigation or other actions in the contents of the July telephone american and Ukrainian presidents.

In the world, the scandal has already begun to be called “Monica Zelensky” – similar to the monica Lewinsky scandal that led to the announcement of the impeachment of Bill Clinton in 1998. Congressmen thought Clinton deserved to be impeached, but he retained his post: most representatives in the Senate found the president innocent.

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