‘BLM’ Black Lives Matter: Trump’s star on Hollywood Walk of Fame was painted with black paint

Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame has once again been vandalized. The memorial sign was painted with black paint from an aerosol can and a bag of excrement was placed on top.

According to the TMZ portal, near the Trump star, the inscription “BLM” (Black Lives Matter) was painted blue. This media manifesto is associated with protests across the country over the death in custody of African-American policeman George Floyd.

The Trump star has been assaulted by vandals more than once. In 2016, it was smashed with a sledgehammer, in 2017, it was damaged with a pickaxe. In December 2018, a swastika was applied to the star, and a red paint imitating blood was smashed.

Recall, to end police violence in the U.S. resulted in a law enforcement reform bill. Democrats in the House of Representatives are going to consider it June 8. If passed, it would make it easier for police officers to be held accountable for abuse of authority. But the compromise document has been criticized on both sides. Protesters are demanding to go further and significantly reduce funding for the police, or even “cancel” it all together. President Donald Trump and the Republicans want to leave it at that.

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