Bloomberg: 108 million Chinese quarantined by the new COVID-19 outbreak

108 million people in northeast China were again in isolation due to a new outbreak of coronavirus, Bloomberg reports on Monday.

According to the agency, we are talking about an outbreak in Jilin province, where 34 new cases of infection with COVID-19 were recorded. The province has suspended bus and rail traffic, closed schools, and quarantined tens of thousands of people.

“The strict measures have confused many locals who thought that the worst part of the epidemic for the country was over,” Bloomberg said.

Authorities in Shulan, one of the province’s cities, announced on Monday on the Chinese social network WeChat that they would take strict measures to contain the epidemic. In particular, all residential complexes in the city where people with a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus or suspicion of it live will be blocked.

Only one person from each family living in such housing estates will be allowed to leave the apartment every two days for two hours in order to buy the essentials, the agency notes.

Bloomberg also notes that a total of 127 cases of coronavirus were recorded in Jilin province. At the same time, Hubei province, which has become the epicenter of the spread of new infection, has registered 68,000 cases of infection.

The overall situation with the coronavirus in China
Earlier Monday, Chinese authorities reported that mainland China had recorded seven new cases of active coronavirus-induced diseases and 18 asymptomatic patients in the past 24 hours.

Since last December, 4,633 people have been victims of coronavirus in China, 82,954 active cases have been registered, including 1,704 imported from abroad.

The country’s medical institutions continue to treat 82 people, and the condition of eight of them is assessed as serious. Over 78,000 people have been cured and discharged from hospitals.

In Chinese territories outside the mainland three new cases of infection were recorded in a day, all in Hong Kong. Since last December, 1,540 cases have been confirmed in three districts: in Hong Kong – 1,055 (with four deaths), in Macau – 45, in Taiwan – 440 (seven deaths).

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