Bloomberg estimates the growth of the world’s richest people in 2019

The leader of the growth was LVMH president Bernard Arnault, whose wealth increased by $36.5 billion. Despite this, he was only in third place in the billionaire rating, which makes up the agency.

The wealth of the world’s 500 richest people increased by 25% in 2019. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI), they earned $ 1.2 trillion and their total wealth reached $ 5.9 trillion.

The leader on the growth of incomes became the president of a group of companies Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) Bernard Arnault. The agency notes that for the year his wealth has increased by $ 36.5 billion. He rose in the list of billionaires Bloomberg to third place and became one of the three people in the world, whose net capital is at least $ 100 billion.

For example, the head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg added $27.3 billion, and co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates – $22.7 billion.

The agency writes that China’s representation in the rating has increased to 54 people. He Xiangjian, the founder of the Midea Group, which produces household appliances, was recognized as the most outstanding: he increased his wealth by 79% to $23.3 billion.

For 52 rich people in the ranking, 2019 ended in minus. Among them was the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, who lost almost $ 9 billion after his divorce from his wife MacKenzie.

Rupert Murdoch, who owns News Corp., fell by about $10 billion after he split the proceeds from the sale of part of the 21st Century Fox assets to Walt Disney among his six children.

In addition, the founder of brokerage company Interactive Brokers Thomas Peterffy lost $ 2.1 billion. Among the losers Bloomberg lists Adam Neumann – the value of his company WeWork fell from $ 47 billion to $ 8 billion. Nevertheless, Neumann is a billionaire, the agency writes. Despite this, he is not included in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which consists of 500 richest people in the world. According to Forbes, Neumann’s wealth is estimated at $ 1 billion.

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