Boris Johnson wants to hold early parliamentary elections on December 12

The Prime Minister has put forward a condition to MPs who have decided to take the time to study the “beautiful agreement” on Brexit.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he will propose a snap general election on December 12.

Earlier, British MPs passed a new Brexit bill at the second reading but refused to consider it in three days, as demanded by Johnson.

According to the head of the British government, “the postponement can be long.” He did not rule out that “our friends in the EU are going to respond to the request by agreeing to the request for an extension.”

“Brexit can be done wisely with Parliament and saying that if they need more time to study this beautiful agreement, we will give it to them, but they have to agree to the election on December 12,” Johnson told reporters.

London is currently waiting for an EU decision to decide whether to postpone Brexit from October 31 to a later date.

“Parliament has worked for a long time without a majority, refusing to implement Brexit, so it is impossible to pass the bill in such conditions. Honestly, it’s time for the opposition to dare to put the decision in the hands of our common boss, the people,” Johnson said.

The EU is expected to announce its decision on Friday, October 25, and on Monday, October 28, Johnson will introduce a proposal for an election to Parliament. Elections require the consent of two thirds of the total number of parliamentarians.

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