British Airways cancels about 100% of flights as pilots strike

British Airways has cancelled about 1.7 thousand flights as a pilots’ strike, Reuters reports.

british airways pilots strike 2019
A two-day strike by British Airways pilots began on Monday, with almost all flights cancelled. Several thousand people could not fly out. The main demand of British pilots was an increase in wages. The airline has cancelled flights from London’s leading airports Heathrow and Gatwick.

British Airways has offered its pilots an 11.5 per cent pay rise over three years, which will increase the salaries of the highest-paid captains from 167,000 pounds to 200,000 pounds.

At the moment, the pilots of this airline earn about 90,000 pounds a year.
The airline also said it did not know how many pilots would go on strike or how many flights would not fly, so it canceled 100% of its flights.

British Airways passengers affected by the strike must pay compensation for cancelled flights and offer alternative flight options.

Boris Johnson’s spokesman called on both sides to end the dispute.

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