Bulgarian Zoo presented a 38-kilogram cake to an elephant

An Indian elephant named Artaida, the only representative of his biological family in Bulgaria turned 57 years old. On the occasion of the holiday, a cake weighing 38 kilograms was made for her.

As reported in an interview with bTV by an employee of the Sofia Zoo, the delicacy consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, flour products, pasta, and others. Judging by the video, Artaida liked the gift.

“Almost every day elephants make a pedicure, warm baths, well combed, – said the director of the capital’s zoo Dobromir Borislavov. – Everything that a modern lady needs, she gets from our veterinarian”.

Zoological Garden of Sofia was founded by the decree of King Ferdinand in 1888. At present, it is the largest in Southeast Europe. Elephants have always been considered a kind of logo of the zoo.

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