Canadian PM Justin Trudeau kneels down during a protest rally in Ottawa

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided on Friday to express his solidarity with the protesters at an anti-racism rally held in Ottawa. The 48-year-old prime minister, wearing a black reusable mask and surrounded by bodyguards, suddenly appeared at the “No justice = no peace” rally and stood beside the protesters. Then, in the midst of the rally, he also silently knelt down with the other participants.

However, as reported by the Guardian correspondent, the protesters did not appreciate the actions of the Prime Minister. Only a few people, including bodyguards, applauded him. Others ignored Trudeau’s action. The social networks reacted to it in a rather harsh manner. “I’m not interested in these promotional tricks, especially now. How can you get down on your knees against the brutality of your subordinate police? As if you don’t have a problem with that. It’s incomprehensible to watch him turn to the camera and see that he’s being filmed and get down on his knees,” said the famous Canadian writer.

The Prime Minister of Canada has previously been repeatedly criticized by both politicians and the public for his participation in demonstrations for his own PR. In September last year, he joined participants in climate action in Montreal, despite the fact that his government has been widely criticized by activists for a controversial pipeline expansion project that will run through Canada’s indigenous territories. The Canadian Cabinet was currently facing questions about how it planned to combat police violence. The day before action in Ottawa, police had shot and killed Chantel Moore, a 26-year-old Canadian aboriginal woman, and some protesters had been holding posters depicting her. On Thursday, Thursday, Trudeau refused to answer a journalist’s question about what specific reforms he intended to make in the police force.

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