China claims danger a new wave of the coronavirus epidemic

In 7 days, China reported 313 new cases of coronavirus. All infected came from abroad. On Sunday, March 29, China said that the second wave of coronavirus epidemic may begin in the country. This was reported by Reuters.

China claims danger a new wave of the coronavirus epidemic
So, according to the representative of the National Health Commission of China, Mi Feng, re-infection of people can occur due to the growing number of cases when the coronavirus is imported into the country from abroad.

According to the Commission, in the past seven days, China has reported 313 new cases of coronavirus in people coming from abroad, and 6 confirmed cases of internal transmission.

China has already accumulated a total of 693 cases coming from abroad, which means that the probability of a new round of infections remains relatively high, ” Feng said.

In China, 45 new cases of coronavirus were reported on Saturday, March 28, compared with 54 on the previous day, with all but one of them linked to travelers coming from abroad.

The total number of deaths in the world from coronavirus exceeded 30 thousand. In the first place in terms of mortality was Italy-10,023 people, Spain-5,928, and after China-3,182.

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