China exempts from duties some goods from the U.S.

China will not impose additional duties on 16 categories of goods from the United States. The list was published on the Chinese government’s website.

It is noted that the changes will come into force on September 17, 2019 and will be in force for one year. The items on this list are divided into two groups.

The first included medicines, lubricants and remedies, medical linear accelerators of charged particles, as well as shrimp caviar, fish meal for feeding livestock and other items. The fees paid for them earlier will be reimbursed.
additional duties on 16 categories of goods

There are four items on the second list, including feed serum and form-based lubricant, but there will be no refund sleofll on the goods already paid.

On September 1, China imposed duties of 10% on U.S. products amounting to $75 billion. On December 15, a new package of additional duties of 5% will be introduced along with a 25% and 5% increase in tariffs on the import of American cars and spare parts, respectively.

Beijing’s actions were a response to similar moves by Washington, which since September 1 increased duties on goods from China amounting to $300 billion not by 10%, as planned, but by 15%. Duties on another group of goods amounting to $250 billion from October 1 will be 30%, not 25%.

Also in September, Beijing demanded that the United States be held accountable internationally for imposing duties on Chinese goods: tariffs on $300 products rose by 15%.

The trade standoff between China and the United States has been going on since July 2018. Then Washington imposed duties of 25% on imports of 818 types of Chinese goods totaling $34 billion per year, in turn Beijing took mirror measures.

In May, Washington again raised $200 billion in duties because China is allegedly not fully complying with certain agreements. In response, Beijing has increased duties on imports of goods from the United States with an annual volume of goods of $60 billion since June 1.

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