China has tested a missile capable of reaching the U.S.

China’s Navy submarine tested a ballistic missile that can reach anywhere in the United States. The Washington Post reported this, citing a source at the Pentagon.

The latest JL-3 missile was tested from a Jin-class nuclear-powered submarine from Bohai Bay (northwest Yellow Sea) on Sunday, Dec. 22. The launch was detected by U.S. intelligence satellites that tracked the missile throughout its flight westwards.

No other details of the launch have been reported. The publication indicates that the tests were conducted against the background of reports that U.S. intelligence is expecting the launch of long-range missiles in North Korea.

In November last year, China successfully conducted the first test of a submarine ballistic missile (SLBM) Julong-3 (JL-3). The missile was based on the DF-41 intercontinental land-based ballistic missile. It is compared with the American missile Trident II D-5 and the Russian R-30 “Bulava-30”. The maximum range of the SLBM is 14 thousand kilometers.

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