CNN claimed a lawsuit, having demanded from Trump restoration of admission of the journalist to the White House

The CNN TV channel declared on Tuesday that it submits a claim against the U.S. President Donald Trump and a number of employees of its administration because of a situation with the journalist of TV channel Jim Akosta.

The claim sent to district court in Washington became the response to suspension of action of the press card of Akosta for pass to the White House. Claimants represented by TV channel and Akosta claim that the president Trump and five more defendants thus violated their rights guaranteed by the first and fifth amendments to the constitution of the USA. The first amendment, in particular, guarantees freedom of the press in the USA and also allows citizens of the country not to testify against itself.

Besides Trump the U.S. President’s press secretary Sara Sanders, the head of administration of the White House John Kelly, the deputy head of administration for communications Bill Shayn, the director of secret service of the USA Joseph Clancy and also the unnamed secret agent who took away the card from Akosta act as defendants.

On Friday the TV channel sent the letter to the White House with a request to restore J. Akosta’s admission and with a warning of a possibility of submission of the claim.

Last week the administration made the decision on a response at Akosta of admission to the White House. Before it, on Wednesday at a press conference after intermediate elections in the USA, the journalist asked the U.S. President several questions in a row. In one of questions the journalist criticized the president’s position about the caravan of migrants which is moving ahead to the USA on what the president asked Akosta to allow it to run the country. Then Akosta tried to ask new questions, but Trump interrupted him, and took away the microphone from the journalist.

Judging by frames of video broadcasting, the reporter initially refused to give the microphone and, despite efforts of the employee of the White House, continued to hold it in hand, however subsequently nevertheless obeyed. The president at the same time called Akosta “the rude, awful person”.

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