CNN reporters were detained on air in Minneapolis during protests

Police in Minneapolis detained a CNN crew during a live broadcast covering protests over the death of African-American George Floyd, who died after police brutality.

The channel specified that the correspondent, cameraman, and producer of the film crew had been taken into custody. The reasons for the detention are not reported.

The live video, published by CNN, shows that the journalists introduced themselves to the police and expressed their willingness to go where they would not interfere.

To remind, the protests in New York and Minneapolis began after a video recording of black George Floyd’s detention was published on the Internet.

The police handcuffed the suspect and threw him on the road. One of them pushed the detainee’s knee around his neck. Floyd screamed that he couldn’t breathe, but the cops ignored it. Shortly after that, a man died in a hospital in town. The wardens were suspended from duty.

At least one person was known to have died during protests in Minneapolis. Protests have also begun in Los Angeles. Due to the riots in Minneapolis, an emergency situation has been introduced.

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