The lawyer Michael Cohen is sentenced to three years of prison

The former lawyer U.S. President Donald Trump – Michael Cohen – sentenced to three years of imprisonment for financial crimes and false indications during the performance in the Congress. Cohen expressed repentance for the fact that for many years helped the current U.S. President to fix it “dirty affairs”. To follow latest news watch CNN news live.
By a court decision the lawyer will also pay penalties of 2 million dollars. The sentence to Cohen was announced by the judge William Pauly, The Washington Post writes.
According to the resolution, Cohen has to begin to serve the sentence on March 6, 2019. The prison in the southern part of the State of New York is for this purpose chosen. Earlier the prosecutor’s office recommended to sentence Coen to imprisonment lasting from two up to five years.
At hearings before adjudgement Cohen admitted guilt in perjury and other crimes. And he explained attempt to deceive parliamentarians with personal devotion to the U.S. President. “My weakness was that I was blindly devoted to Donald Trump”, – the defendant told.
“I fully take the responsibility for all actions in which I admitted: both for personal, and for those which concern the U.S. President, – the lawyer told. – Recently the president on Twitter called me weak, and it is the truth, but for other reason, not on that which he meant. It was because I over and over again felt the obligation to cover its dirty affairs”.
Cohen who began to work for Trump at the beginning of the 2000th years said that all this time he was under oppression of moral unfreedom. “It is difficult to believe in it, but today one of the most significant days of my life. The irony is that today I return myself the personal liberty. I was in personal and moral unfreedom from that fatal day when I accepted the offer on work for the famous real estate mogul whose business grasp I so strongly admired”, – the lawyer who is quoted by The Hill told.
He also expressed a regret in connection with that how many a shame this situation brought it to family.
“Somewhere on the way mister Cohen as though lost the moral guideline. As it has to be more visible to the lawyer, mister Cohen”, – the district judge William Pouli who is quoted by Interfax said.
The judge noted that he considered the circumstances both aggravating, and softening. On the one hand, Cohen was guilty of a number of crimes that demonstrates intention to violate the law in various situations. But, on the other hand, the lawyer is worthy encouragement for the fact that he began to cooperate with the investigation and to give truthful evidences.
“Our democratic institutes depend on honesty of citizens” when they face work of public authorities, the judge noted. Emphasized with Pauly that Cohen committed serious crimes, especially if to consider his profession.
According to the judge as the lawyer Cohen had to know well that evasion of taxes deprives the state of an opportunity to provide essential services to society.
Cohen’ lawyer Guy Petrilyo convinced Pauly that it is necessary to make allowance for the defendant. According to the defender, Cohen “knew that the president Trump can terminate the investigation of criminal case”. However Cohen all the same “acted forward” and “gave evidences against the most influential person in our country”, Petrilyo explained.

According to him, Cohen and his family underwent public censure. To the defendant even threats expressed.

The judge listened also to the prosecutor Nicholas Rus who noted that Cohen “boldly stole millions of dollars”. Besides, he “destroyed belief in electoral process and the power of the law”. The state prosecutor asked that the sentence became the proof that “even influential and exclusive people cannot break the law with impunity”.
The president Donald Trump and his lawyers sought to underestimate value of recognitions of Cohen. Trump also said that his former lawyer deserves severe punishment. Trump also denied the participation in episodes which incriminated to Cohen, in particular bribery of the former mistresses of the president.
According to Donald Trump, behind Cohen’s charges of crimes allegedly there are political opponents of the American president from Democratic party. And about financial violations in which Coen was involved, started talking after, according to Trump, could not find proofs of his contacts with the Russian authorities and their intervention in the American elections of 2016.
Trump explained confession of Cohen only with desire to soften a sentence. And on this case the president characterized all investigation and judicial proceedings as the “witch-hunt” based on slander.

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