Diego Maradona asks the “hand of God” to end the coronavirus pandemic

World football champion Diego Maradona urged the higher forces to fight the coronavirus pandemic. This was reported by Reuters.

Diego Maradona remembered the “hand of God”, which, according to the Argentinean, helped him to score the ball in violation of the rules in the semifinals of World Cup 1986 vs. England. According to Maradona, the same phenomenon should help the world to cope with the pandemic and return to a healthy and happy life.

On Tuesday, April 28, the Football Association of Argentina (AFA) announced the early end of the season because of the coronavirus, and that no team will leave the elite division until 2022. The Jimnasia and Esgrima club, led by Maradona, escaped the departure only thanks to this decision. What happened in the local press was dubbed the “new hand of God”.

Many of the world’s football championships have been stopped because of the coronavirus pandemic, some of which ended early.

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