Director of U.S. National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has declassified transcripts of Flynn’s conversations with Kisliak

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe announced that he has declassified transcripts of conversations between former National Security Adviser to President Michael Flynn and former Russian Ambassador to Washington Sergei Kislyak.

“Today the office of Director of National Intelligence declassified transcripts of conversations relating to former General Michael Flynn,” said in a statement by Ratcliffe. The U.S. media notes that this is, in particular, a telephone conversation in 2016 between Flynn and Kisliak.

Earlier in May, U.S. President Donald Trump said that he was interested to learn about the content of this conversation.

“Yes, I would also like to know about it,” he said, adding that he would not prevent the disclosure of this information.

“I will do whatever it takes to make it (public – IF),” the president said.

“It was a good conversation, Flynn was allowed such communication,” Trump added.

Flynn resigned in 2017 after the media reported that he was discussing the issue of sanctions against Russia with Kisliak, who was then ambassador. Later, the FBI caught Flynn lying when answering questions on this topic. He made a deal with justice and pleaded guilty, but in the spring of 2020, the US Department of Justice concluded that the FBI did not have sufficient grounds for questioning Flynn. Now the judicial authorities are deciding whether to drop all charges against him. Flynn, on the other hand, has now announced that he will not plead guilty.

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