Disney+ releases the first ‘Fantastic Four’ Marvel movie by Fox

Although the company filled Disney Plus with countless projects that they inherited from Fox, none of Fox’s Marvel comics book movies were streaming.

However, the situation has recently changed as Disney added the 20th Century Fox movie to its service. The fact that this movie appeared without any loud announcement, although it is the first one for the site, makes sense, as it is “Fantastic Four” in 2015, one of the worst superhero movies.

In Canada and other regions around the world, Disney Plus has a lot of “X-Men” movies, but currently, they are not in the U.S. due to existing streaming agreements with other services. Obviously, this is not the case with the Fantastic Four.

It has already been confirmed that Marvel Studios are working on rethinking X-Men as part of their film population. True, the appearance of a mutant team is not to be expected anytime soon.

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