Donald Trump – Russia should be in the G7

“It should be the G8” – Donald Trump

Donald Trump - Russia should be in the G7
Donald Trump – Russia should be in the G7

Donald Trump has said that Russia should start taking part in the summits of the G7 group of developed states, returning the name of the G8 to this association. Donald Trump said this after a meeting in the Oval Office with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

Trump believes that Russia should be a member of this group because the meetings often discuss issues related to Russia.At the same time, he noted that the decision that Russia will no longer be invited to the G8 meetings was taken by the previous American president Barack Obama.
I think it should be the G8,” Trump said.

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that the Russian side is always happy to return to the G8 format.

French President Emmanuel Macron, for his part, called the condition of a return to the G8 format with the participation of Russia – an end to the war in the Donbass.
The end of the conflict in the Donbass will open the door for Russia to return to the G7 club, which can become the G8. I believe that it is in the interest of absolutely all parties to find a way out of this situation,” Macron said.

Mike Pompeo about Crimea

A year ago, Mike Pompeo said that Donald Trump sees Moscow’s return to the international community as “inevitable” and “concessions” could allow it to join the G7 without returning Crimea to Ukraine.
The secretary of state could not say exactly what “concessions” are expected from Russia, but stressed that Trump still believes that Russia “illegally annexed Crimea in 2014,” which led to its removal from the G7.
At the same time, in June of the same year, at a dinner with the foreign ministers of the G7 countries during the G7 summit, the American leader said that Crimea is Russian, because everyone who lives there speaks Russian.
According to the American leader, almost 25% of the time at the G7 summit in Canada was devoted to discussing Russia. If Moscow had returned to the G8, Trump said, it would have been possible to discuss a variety of topics at times.
In addition, the head of the White House added that if Putin had at the summit in La Malbe, he could be asked to “do very, very important things for all mankind.” Moreover, Trump is convinced that face-to-face meetings are more productive than phone conversations.
It should be noted that the proposal of the American president was supported by the then Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte – The return of Russia to the G8, in his opinion, “is in the common interest,”.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reminded that Russia has never asked to return to the G8.
“We never asked anyone to go back. When it was decided that our Western partners would no longer participate in the G8 and they returned to their format of the G7, we took it as their solution. And we work well in other formats, both in the SCO and in the BRICS, especially in the G20, where our approaches are shared,” the diplomat said.

Since the beginning of 2014, Russia has assumed the presidency of the G8. A summit of G8 leaders in Sochi was scheduled for June 4-5. However, in March 2014, due to the accession of Crimea to Russia, Western countries announced the termination of their participation in the G8 and the transition to the G7 format (without the participation of Russia). As a result, in June of the same year the G7 summit was held in Brussels.

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