Donald Trump will sign a decree against the social networks on Thursday

President Donald Trump will sign a decree on Thursday, which concerns the activities of social networks, reports CNN, citing the official representative of the White House, Kylie McEnany.

“President Donald Trump plans to announce the decree against social networks on Thursday,” the channel quotes McEnany. However, she did not specify any details of the planned decree.

The day before U.S. President Donald Trump said he could introduce measures to regulate social networks or close them altogether, as they, in his opinion, seek to prevent Republicans from expressing their views.

“Republicans have a feeling that social networks on their platforms have completely silenced the voices of conservatives. We’ll strictly regulate their (social networks) activities or close them down at all, as we can’t allow this to happen,” he tweeted.

Earlier, Twitter marked one of its messages with a tweet that indicated that the tweet might contain inaccurate information.

Trump is an extremely active user of social networks. He tweets numerous messages daily. Recently, the president said he writes them either on his own or, when he has no time, dictates the text to his assistant. Also, messages from Trump regularly appear on Facebook and on Instagram. Both his supporters and opponents, as a rule, actively comment on his publications.

Trump explained that he believes that social networks are a way to address the Americans directly, without the mediation of the mass media, many of which, in his opinion, only spread fake news about his work.

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