Elizabeth II did not wear the crown of the British Empire in Parliament

Britain’s queen Elizabeth II has opened a new session of the British Parliament. She gave a throne speech, which is prepared by the Cabinet of Ministers and is devoted to its priorities for the coming year.

crown of the British Empire

In her 65th Throne Speech, Elizabeth II stressed the government’s intention to leave the European Union on October 31, and promised reforms to the Criminal Code, education and social assistance systems.

“The government has always been a priority to leave the EU by October 31,” Elizabeth recalled.

During her speech, she added that after leaving the European Union, the Cabinet of Ministers will present to parliament 26 bills in the areas of trade, migration, agriculture, fisheries, crime control. With the European Union, Britain will continue to build relations on the principles of good neighbourliness and cooperation.

British media noted that this time Elizabeth II did not wear the crown of the British Empire, which is traditionally used during the opening ceremony of Parliament. The crown is decorated with almost three thousand gems and weighs more than a kilo.

In the BBC documentary Coronation, Elizabeth II called the crown of the British Empire heavy and admitted that it should not be lowered, otherwise the crown would simply fall. However, during her reign, Elizabeth II has not worn the crown of the British Empire twice for the opening ceremony of Parliament: in 1974 and 2017, when the British elections were held. Then the queen held the ceremony in an ordinary suit and hat. This time she was in ceremonial dress, but she wore a lighter diamond tiara of George IV, which is also used for the opening ceremonies of the parliament. At the same time, the Crown of the British Empire lay on the table to the right of Elizabeth II.

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