Emergency mode announced in Alaska (photo and video)

The governor of Alaska Bill Walker declared emergency mode in the territory of it the American state after the event on November 30 an earthquake measuring 7.0. He reported about it on Twitter.
“I am in direct contact with the White House”, – Walker noted. It notified that authorities of the state already created operational staff and “watch closely messages about aftershocks and also assess damage caused to roads, bridges and buildings”.

Epicenter of tremors was located approximately in 13 km to the north from Anchorage – the largest city of Alaska where nearly 300 thousand people live. The seismic center lay at a depth of 40.9 km. The main push was followed by some more aftershocks, the strongest of which reached magnitude 5.8.

The earthquake was felt in all districts of Anchorage and its vicinities, transfers ARE. Some houses sustained damage, on them cracks were formed. After the first push many locals began to run out from the houses.

In several buildings, including one of city schools, the ceiling tile collapsed. On highways asphalt burst. Data on victims did not arrive yet.

Because of an earthquake the tsunami threat was announced. After that on the island of Kodyak located in 320 km to the south from Anchorage, the authorities urged inhabitants to avoid the coast and lowlands and to move whenever possible to the height. Subsequently the threat of a tsunami was cancelled.

The U.S. President Donald Trump who is on a G20 summit in Buenos Aires was informed on an earthquake on Alaska, and he monitors messages about damage, the official representative of the White House Sara Sanders reported.

The local police reported that in Anchorage many houses and buildings are damaged, and many roads and bridges are blocked, Interfax tells. The police urged locals not to come out to roads needlessly and to find the safe place.

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