End of the World July 4, 2020: How it Will Be and Why

In 2020 the planets of the solar system will line up practically in one line, which, according to astrologers, means that natural disasters may fall on the Earth and a new epidemic will spread.
Why are astrologers waiting for the “end of the world” on July 4, 2020?

According to the Northern Territory News and what other foreign media reported, astrologers recently published their forecasts for a new planetary cycle, which will come July 4, 2020, when all the planets of the solar system will line up in almost one line.

Last time such an event took place in 1982 when the planets of the Solar System gathered on one side of the Sun within the 95-degree arc. Because of this strange behavior of the planets astrologers began to predict the emergence of many earthquakes, explaining the impact of changes in the lithosphere. Transformations occur under the influence of the force of gravity, and also an electromagnetic field and magnetic storms. In 1982, there was indeed great volcanic activity.

It should be noted that July 4 is the National Day – Independence Day in the USA.

Apocalypse 2020: How will it be
Every year, new apocalyptic forecasts penetrate through the dark corners of the Internet and the tabloid media. On the eve of 2020, there was again talk that the end of the world was near. For example, in 2019, “humanity should have come to an end” as a result of nuclear war, asteroid impact, and a new ice age. And these are just some of the most popular end-of-the-world prophecies. The end of the world has been foretold for centuries. But there’s a bit of a catch: none of the predictions ever came true.
End of the World July 4 2020

And so in 2020, we must prepare for another “end of the world”. This time, the following predictions are particularly popular with apocalyptic enthusiasts:

1.” World One”. A computer program called “World One”, developed in 1973 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), predicts that 2020 will be the year when a series of catastrophic events will begin a 20-year process of the slow death of human civilization.

2.The Second Coming. According to the book of astrologer Jean Dixon, which was published in 1973, Jesus should return to Earth in 2020-2037, which will lead to the apocalypse. But her prediction is hard to believe because she also predicted that by 1967, a cure for cancer would be found.

3.A Viking stone. A group of Swedish researchers recently managed to decipher the inscriptions on a stone slab dating back to 800 AD. This turned out to be a Viking prophecy about the end of the world due to the “battle with the weather”. The wording of this prophecy is eerily reminiscent of the current climate crisis.

But all concerns are dispelled when one looks at the most infamous doomsday scenarios in history, which have come to naught, as are hundreds of lesser-known prophecies. Analysis of the history of prophecies is a reminder that there is no need to worry more than it is worth. After all, predicting the end of the world is not an easy task.

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