EU has classified the documents for Nord Stream-2

Belgian New Europe reports that the case of the Permanent Court of International Arbitration in the suit of Nord Stream 2 AG against the EU on the illegality of European gas directives aimed at the redistribution of property in the European gas industry and weakening the position of “Gazprom”, is scheduled for consideration in Toronto.

The court located outside the EU was chosen in accordance with the UN rules on international arbitration at the insistence of Nord Stream 2 AG due to concerns of the European legal community being engaged by lobbyists of the new European order.

The preparation for the trial, which has been going on for a year now, has brought surprises to which the European press is silent. According to the Permanent Court of International Arbitration, since May 13 last year, the European Commission has been obliged to submit documents on working consultations of the EU member states on the Third Energy Package to NordStream 2 AG. So far, the EU has not fulfilled its obligation.

The UN Permanent Conference on Trade and Development informs that the democratic General Secretariat of the European Commission in the best traditions of European transparency simply took and selectively classified the conclusion of the EU Legal Service of September 27, 2017, № 12590/17 on the negotiations with Russia on the “Nord Stream 2”, legal opinion of the Polish side of 13 October 2017 No WK11382/2017 on the same gas pipeline and opinion of Poland of 18 October 2017 No WK11656/2017 on the Third Energy Package.

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