The EU supported Ukraine and demanded release of the seized ships from the Russian Federation

The European Union works on the international reaction to events in the Kerch Strait. The situation with detention of the Ukrainian warships and wound of seamen is absolutely inadmissible, Maya Kotsyanchich, the official representative of the head of diplomacy of the EU Federica Mogherini said.
“We demand that Russia immediately released the ships and personnel onboard for which medical care is necessary”, – the press secretary on Monday at a briefing in Brussels told.
Kotsyanchich noted that Mogherini “discussed this issue with various partners, since the moment of strengthening of this escalation”. “We will continue to work on wider international answer”, – the representative of the head of European diplomacy told, having reminded of convocation of the UN Security Council on this question.
The press secretary reported, as the corresponding “contacts at all levels” at the moment continue, and they will be supported today and in the next few days.
In response to a question why reaction of the EU to serious events in the Kerch Strait was shown at the level of only representative of the European foreign service, but not 28 member states or Mogherini, Kotsyanchich explained that this question is not new.
Escalation continues already certain time, and from the very beginning of personally high representative of the EU on foreign affairs who repeatedly spoke on this subject dealt with this problem. And last week the situation in the Sea of Azov was discussed at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs on the EU Council.
On November 25 “there was a reaction close in the tracks in connection with the current situation on places, and it does not exclude that in the future there can be other type of reaction”. “All this is taken very seriously. The high representative realizes gravity of a situation, and for us this question is one of the major”, – Mogherini’s representative told.
She added that the states of the EU intend to discuss a situation at a meeting of Committee on policy and safety no later than Tuesday. According to her, also other level of consideration of this question is not excluded.
The press secretary returned to the text of the statement of the official representative of an EMS published the day before on a situation in the Kerch Strait and repeated words about need “to do everything possible for de-escalation”.
“You know that the European Union does not recognize and will not recognize annexation of the Crimean peninsula Russia and condemns the Russian aggression against Ukraine”, – Kotsyanchich emphasized.
Answering questions, she told that she will not begin to be engaged in legal interpretation of a situation, and said that the EU maintains sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. “It is a position which we protect long ago”, – Mogherini’s representative noted.
Let’s remind, on November 25 3 Ukrainian the warship “Berdyansk”, “Nikopol” and “Yana Kapu” tried to pass through the Kerch Strait to the Sea of Azov. However the way to them was blocked by the ships of frontier service of FSB.
To stop the Ukrainian ships, Russia used weapon. Several Ukrainian seamen were wounded, and their ships were seized. also are brought to the Russian port Kerch.
The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and representatives of the European Union demanded to release the seized ships and the Ukrainian seamen. Poroshenko also signed the decree on introduction of martial law for two months. The General Staff of VS of Ukraine reported that the Ukrainian army is alerted full. The police of Ukraine passed to heavy security.
Meanwhile in NATO urged the Russian authorities to provide easy access to the Ukrainian ships to the Sea of Azov. “NATO completely maintains sovereignty of Ukraine and its territorial integrity, including the right for circulation in territorial waters. We urge Russia to provide easy access of Ukraine to the Sea of Azov according to international law”, – the press secretary of NATO Oana Lungescu told.
Russia considers responsible for an incident Kiev which allegedly consciously went for aggravation, having arranged provocation in the Black Sea. “Now to the Kerch Strait were accepted. Bandits from the main road. And methods gangster: at first provocation, then power pressure, and then charge of aggression”, – the representative wrote to social networks the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

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