Ex-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn escaped from Japan to Lebanon

Ex-Nissan CEO Nissan and Renault Carlos Ghosn, who was under home arrest in Tokyo, arrived in Lebanon on Tuesday night. How he got there is unknown.

Gong, accused in Japan of financial fraud, said he had left the country to escape political persecution. He accused the Japanese judicial system of rejecting basic human rights, and he is not going to “be held hostage” by it. According to Ghosn, he “has not escaped justice, but has escaped injustice and political persecution”. He also stated that he was ready to “communicate freely with the media” in the near future.

The NHK TV company, citing an unnamed source, reported that a man, apparently similar to the Ex-Nissan CEO, arrived at Beirut International Airport in a private plane under a foreign name. Tokyo and Beirut have no extradition agreement.

In November 2018 Carlos Ghosn was arrested on charges of personal enrichment at the expense of Nissan. In January 2019, the Japanese prosecutor’s office brought new charges against him – financial fraud and abuse of office. In the spring, the defense posted $9 million in bail and Ghosn was placed under home arrest. He denies all charges, considering them to be the result of “conspiracy and betrayal” by the Nissan leadership.

His trial will begin in Japan in 2020. Carlos Ghosn is facing up to 20 years in prison.

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