Experts predicted massive unemployment in the US

Due to the spread of coronavirus in the US, jobs could lose 14 million people by summer this year. According to the CNN, such a forecast was given by experts of the non-profit Washington-based organization “Economic Policy Institute”.

Experts predicted massive unemployment in the US

Experts estimate that the number of lost jobs could amount to 10 percent of the total number of jobs in the private sector. The retail, entertainment and hospitality industries will suffer the most serious losses.

The report notes that these industries will be particularly hard hit for the measures necessary to stop the spread of coronavirus. However, the greatest job losses are expected in Nevada, Montana, and Hawaii, as a large proportion of the population is employed in retail, hospitality and entertainment industries.

The International Labour Organization had previously predicted a crisis and massive unemployment due to the Coronavirus pandemic. According to experts, 25 million people will lose their jobs unless governments take urgent measures to protect workers from the effects of the crisis.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 62 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were registered in the US. The victims were 869 people. The largest number of deaths were registered in New York and Washington states.

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