Extended version of Mueller report on the ‘Russian interference’ is going to be published by June 19

The U.S. Department of Justice has announced plans to release by June 19 an expanded version of the report of former Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller on ‘Russian interference’, the Washington Post reports.

The EPIC human rights group and BuzzFeed News in 2019 filed a lawsuit against the MoJ demanding the full release of Mueller’s report. A D.C. federal judge ruled that the agency should provide data on the editing of the report, RIA Novosti reported.

The publication indicated that the U.S. Department of Justice informed the court in Washington that an expanded and less edited version of the material will be published by June 19. It will mainly contain additional data on former U.S. leader Donald Trump’s advisor Roger Stone.

Earlier, during a hearing in the U.S. Congress, Mueller admitted that after a two-year investigation, his team never found evidence of Russian interference in the election of the American leader. This investigation cost United States taxpayers 31.6 million dollars.

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