FBI believes that all mobile apps from Russia can carry a “counter-intelligence threat”

According to the department, Russian authorities can get remote access to all communication channels without requiring access from providers

FaceApp and FBI
WASHINGTON, December 2. FBI believes that all mobile applications developed in Russia represent a “potential counterintelligence threat. This is stated in the letter of the department sent to the Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer, Bloomberg report on Monday.

According to the FBI, “Russian intelligence services have powerful opportunities to use information technologies in their interests. The FBI argues that the Russian authorities “can gain remote access to all communication channels and servers in Russian networks” without requiring access from providers.

U.S. intelligence agencies cite FaceApp, developed by Wireless Lab of Russia, as an example of a “counter-intelligence threat.

In July, Schumer asked the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission to deal with the consequences of the use of FaceApp by American citizens. The application allows you to change the appearance, age and sex of a person in a downloaded digital photo. The senator was concerned that access to data from U.S. citizens could be granted to “third parties, including foreign authorities.

After that, the creator of the application, russian Yaroslav Goncharov, told Forbes magazine that the company does not use personal data of users without their permission. The developers explained that FaceApp performs most of the processing of photos in the cloud, where only the photo selected by the user for editing is uploaded. Most images are deleted from the servers within 48 hours of being uploaded. The main group of developers is located in Russia, but the data is not transferred to the country, the company said.

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