Fire-fighting operations around the damaged Chernobyl power plant continue

Several hundred firefighters are still fighting glowing earth in the radioactively contaminated area around the damaged Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
In Ukraine, fire-fighting operations in the radioactively contaminated area around the damaged Chernobyl nuclear power plant have not yet been completed.

Supported by helicopters, more than 500 firefighters are fighting against scattered glowing earth, according to a statement by the disaster control on Wednesday. However, there are no longer any open sources of fire. Almost 160 kilometers of fire protection corridors have been created. According to satellite photos, a total area of 10,500 hectares was burnt down. The rain had caused the fire to be extinguished.

On Tuesday, the authorities had announced for the first time that all flames in the radioactively contaminated forests had been extinguished. Later, however, contradictory information was received.

Ukrainian Health Minister Maxim Stepanov warned that there were more fire particles in the air because of the fire. He advised people with chronic illnesses to “restrict their walks on the street in the morning hours”. That is when the concentration in the air is at its highest. “Drink more water, wipe your rooms damp. This is very important for your health.”

In recent years, fires have occurred several times in the uninhabited areas. Arson was repeatedly suspected as the cause. After the explosion of block four in the then still Soviet nuclear power plant Chernobyl in 1986, radioactively contaminated areas around the nuclear ruins were closed off. Tens of thousands of people were forcibly relocated. However, the area is now open to guided tourists.

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