Former UFC fighter Tim Gorman was caught carrying 55 kilos of drugs

American Mixed Style Fighter (MMA) Tim Gorman was detained by Nebraska State Police while carrying 55 kilograms of drugs. This was reported by WOWT.

It is specified that during the inspection of the athlete’s car, the patrol suspected the presence of illegal drugs and called the unit of film experts K-9. The service dog smelled drugs.

It turned out that the 37-year-old fighter was carrying 55 kilograms of marijuana, a small amount of cocaine, as well as two vials of steroid drugs. In addition, $14,000 in cash was found under Gorman.

The athlete was taken to county prison. He was charged with possession of illegal substances for marketing purposes.

Gorman is known for his performance in the UFC. The promoter has signed a contract with the athlete despite the fact that he dropped out of The Ultimate Fighter reality show due to an injury.

Gorman has nine wins and four losses at MMA.

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