Fox News anchor Bill Maher: after U.S. elections, we can see ‘blood on the streets’

Street violence will continue regardless of who wins the U.S. presidential election in November, said the host of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ on Fox News on June 5.

During a panel discussion broadcast on Friday night, Maher suggested that the “reckless” self-isolation regime imposed in response to the coronavirus outbreak helped fuel the riots after George Floyd’s death.

“This isolation with which we live… Do you agree with me that this has a lot to do with the riots in the streets? That when you lock people up, when they have no hope or work, why don’t they go outside?” – Maher asked himself a question.

According to the TV journalist, after the elections, there will be “blood on the streets” in any case, but depending on the winner, the riots will have different causes. “I mean, if Trump wins, I can’t imagine the demonstrations we saw last week not happening again. And if he doesn’t win, we already know Trump’s statements,” Maher explained, reading the statements of the current U.S. President Donald Trump about the “cool people” he has support for: police, military, bikers.

The presenter considers such statements as “an invitation for cool people to take to the streets”.

His concerns were shared by Law Professor Rosa Brooks, who rejected the idea that Trump “finds” the full support of the police and military, but expressed concern about the hypothetical situation when Trump refused to leave the White House after the defeat in the election and called for a plan for such a scenario to be developed in advance.

Recall that in the U.S. after the murder of Negro George Floyd by a police officer in the process of detention on May 25, protests against racial discrimination, turning into riots and pogroms, do not stop. We also recall that the U.S. presidential elections will be held on November 3, 2020.

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