French policemen are throwing away the handcuffs in protest of accusations of racism

Police in France have launched mass protests against allegations of racism. Order guards throw handcuffs on the asphalt in front of them and chant: “No police – no peace.

Police were outraged by the initiatives of Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, who promised to significantly reduce the powers of subordinates. He said police officers would be banned from strangulating and dismissed on the sole suspicion of racism.

Following mass demonstrations by the police, the minister had to justify himself: for example, he assured that layoffs would be made if the police officer’s racial prejudice was “objectively confirmed”. At the same time, he confirmed the planned reduction in powers and advised subordinates to use tasers instead of the physical techniques now prohibited.

Among the slogans heard in police circles called to stop “buying the social world at their expense”. The head of the union of French law enforcement officers stressed that the color of the skin does not matter if a person is a criminal. Under the law, law enforcement officers are forbidden to strike, but if the policy of the authorities does not change, they intend to stop patrolling the streets.

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