George Floyd’s independent autopsy found a coronavirus COVID-19

George Floyd, whose death provoked massive protests and riots in the U.S., was infected with the coronavirus. This was reported by Fox News channel with reference to the 20-page report of the forensic experts who conducted the autopsy.

The document published with the consent of relatives notes that Floyd’s body was found RNA virus, which, however, can remain in the human body for several weeks after recovery. No damage to the lungs, malignant tumors, pneumonia, or inflammation was found by the experts. It is assumed that Floyd may have been asymptomatic with COVID-19 or simply a carrier. The test he took in early May was positive.

However, Coronavirus is not listed as a possible cause of death. According to the Hennepin County M.E. (Minnesota), Floyd died as a result of cardiopulmonary shock (cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest) caused by the techniques used by the police in detention. However, traces of drugs were found in the body of an African American.

Interestingly, the experts hired by the Floyd family gave a different conclusion. They argue that the man died of asphyxia and that circulatory problems and drug intoxication are not directly related to the case and were not the cause of death. Following that report, the Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Allison, accused ex-Police Derek Chowin, who had been knee-jumping a detainee’s neck for several minutes, of murder in the second degree. Accusations were also brought against his colleagues, who were also involved in the detention and dismissed after the incident.

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