Hitler’s victory and the Red Square Parade: new computer game by Ukrainian Developers

Ukrainian developers of computer games ‘Starni Games’ have published a video for the new game Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg, which shows how Adolf Hitler takes the parade on Red Square after “victory in the battle for Moscow”.

The authors point out that the plot is an “alternative story”.

The footage shows Nazis standing above the Lenin Mausoleum, with the symbols of the Third Reich on their form. The description on the Steam platform states that such historical figures as Hermann Goering, Erwin Rommel, Franz Galder, and others are present in the game. The announcement to the Blitzkrieg calls for “bringing Europe to its knees at the head of the German army”.

The game has already received attention in Russia. As Franz Klintsevich, a member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, said to radio station “Moscow Says”, such projects are contrary to international law and should be prosecuted as propaganda of fascist ideology.

“This is a criminal act. Therefore, those people who will promote such a game will be immediately subject to criminal prosecution,” he stressed.

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