Huawei finds Russian replacement for Android

Smartphone maker Huawei, which has been subject to U.S. restrictions and has lost access to Android operating system updates, may find a replacement in Russia. This is reported by The Bell citing sources.

huawei android

Russian authorities and representatives of the Chinese company discussed the installation of the Aurora operating system based on the Finnish Sailfish on different types of Huawei devices. The developer of the Russian mobile OS “Aurora” is owned by Rostelek and Russian businessman Grigory Berezkin.

The parties also discussed the start of production of some Huawei devices in Russia. The information of the publication in Rostelecom was not confirmed, but expressed readiness to work with all developers of mobile solutions. Huawei declined to comment.

The Chinese company was blacklisted by the U.S. Foreign Ministry amid the escalation of trade relations between China and the United States. After that, Huawei refused to cooperate with Google, because of which the company lost support of the Android operating system – it is on it Huawei smartphones operate outside China. This means that after the next Android update, owners of Chinese smartphones will lose access to Google applications, including email, Chrome browser, YouTube, Play Market app store.

At the same time, Huawei argues that the company’s blacklisting and Google’s refusal to cooperate can not affect the work of the company’s already released devices. They will retain access to the Play Store and Google services, according to Huawei. In this way, smartphones can be upgraded.

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