In Bahrain the head of US Navy in the Middle East committed suicide

The CNN TV channel stated a cause of death of the commander of the Fifth fleet of US Navy in the Middle East, the vice admiral Scott Stirni. According to informed sources from among military, Stirni committed suicide.
Stirni’s body was found in Bahrain in his residence on December 1, investigation of the reasons and circumstances which induced the admiral to commit suicide is begun. The admiral John Richardson ordering naval operations said that concerning Stirni investigations were not conducted. “It is awful news to Stirni’s family, team of the Fifth fleet and all Navies”, – Richardson on Twitter said, having described Stirni as “the strong professional, the beautiful father, the husband and the friend”.
The central command of the Navies of the Navy of US Navy which part the Fifth fleet is controls operations in such areas as the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. This direction is considered crucial for the interests of safety of the USA, considering problems of Iran and Hauti’s insurgents supported by Iran in Yemen which the USA considers by potential threats for navigation in the region, CNN notes. Through the waters controlled by the Fifth fleet there passes a huge number of commercial transportations, including large volumes of oil and gas.
Stirni, the native of Chicago, in 1982 graduated from the Notre Dame university then he was appointed the officer of navy, and then became the pilot fighter. Before appointment to the post of the head of the Fifth fleet in May of this year he held several senior positions, including ordered strike group of carrier and performed functions of the chief of operations of the Main command of the USA.

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