In Italy, a nurse who contracted the coronavirus committed suicide

A nurse from Lombardy, 34-year-old Daniela Trezzi, who was diagnosed with a coronavirus, committed suicide.

nurse who contracted the coronavirus
The EHA News Agency says Trezzi worked at the San Gerardo hospital in the Lombardy region, which was most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. A 34-year-old nurse was working in the intensive care unit, and colleagues noticed that the woman was under a lot of stress. The fact is that the tests showed that Trezzi was infected with a coronavirus. Her colleagues admit that her main concern was that she might infect other hospital patients and her relatives.

The Italian national Association of nurses issued a statement in which it clarified that such a tragedy has already taken place. It turns out that a week ago in Venice, another medical worker committed suicide, also a woman. Then the authorities decided to hide this emergency from the public. The Association of Italian nurses could not keep silent about the death of Daniela Trezzi.

In Italy, about 700 people infected by the coronavirus have died in the past 24 hours. The total number of deaths increased to 7,503.

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