In New York since 2019 will begin to issue documents to “third gender”

The mayor of New York Bill de Blasio signed situation by which it is allowed to specify a third gender of “X” in the birth certificate, New York Post reports.

According to de Blasio, residents of New York have to have freedom “to report to the government who are they, but not on the contrary”. This category will be available since January 1 to the choice of gender identity in birth certificates and other official state documents for inhabitants who do not consider themselves men or women. And the transgender people living in New York should not receive a note from the doctor or the medical certificate any more to change sex.

Activists transgender people insisted long time on adoption of such amendment. As notes NY Post, New York became the fifth in the USA after states California, Oregon, Washington and New Jersey where the third gender was already allowed to specify. In Washington, the capital of the United States, it is authorized to specify a sex of “X” in the driving license.

In 2014 city authorities of New York adopted the law under which transgender people can change a floor from men’s to women’s and vice versa in the birth certificate without obligatory change of a name or carrying out the corresponding operation. However the U.S. Government allows similar changes in the passport only in case of performing gender surgery.

In March of this year the U.S. President Donald Trump signed the memorandum forbidding to transgender people military service. Restrictions are proved by the fact that existence in ranks of army of the transgender people needing medical services “represents essential risk for efficiency of military”.

Meanwhile transgender people apply including for rather high posts in administration. So, the Democratic party on elections in the State of Vermont in November, 2018 will be represented by Christine Hollkuist – the female transgender who headed the Vermont Electric Cooperative energy company earlier. The victory on elections will allow it to become the most high-ranking transgender in the system of the American power.

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