Japan has shown an image of a new jet fighter

The Ministry of Defense of Japan has published a design image of its Next Generation Fighter, previously also known as Future Fighter.

The image of the new jet fighter was published by the Japanese military in the draft budget for 2020, which provides $ 256 million to Mitsubishi’s concern to develop a new fighter. Several foreign corporations are also planned to participate in the project, including British BAE Systems, European Airbus, as well as American Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman.

Japanese designers can borrow the experience of the European fighter jet FCAS or British Tempest for their aircraft project. It is possible that the future Japanese jet fighter may be based on one of these aircraft. The development program, according to the Japanese Ministry of Defense, will take about 15 years. Earlier the Japanese military considered the possibility of purchasing new jet fighters abroad or joint production. It is assumed that new Japanese jet fighters should replace the outdated F-2 in the 2030s. The design image of the NGF fighter shows a twin-engine aircraft with deflected keels and missing horizontal tail fins.

In this scheme, the keels will act as the steering wheels for height and direction. The fighter glider is displayed flattened with characteristic sawn joints of some elements, which indicates the intention to use in the design of combat aircraft technology low visibility. The NGF will receive internal compartments of weapons, but the design of the aircraft will also provide an external suspension of weapons.

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